Many times we hear from clients I want full coverage. This can mean many things. Most

commonly this means protecting your vehicle from any damage regardless of loss. Finance

companies require you to carry this when purchasing a vehicle.

Each and every client that calls in for a quote has different needs when shopping for insurance. While

auto insurance is a shared risk each client has their own assets to protect.

It’s a good idea to review with your agent the limit of liability you have purchased to assure it’s up to par

with your personal assets. Keep in mind every time you get into your vehicle your families assets are

traveling with you!

Get to know your state minimums and know how it affects your family. In FL your state minimums are

property damage and no fault. This means 1/3 of FL drivers are only driving around with 10k in

property damage and 10k worth of no fault coverage for themselves. This means the injuries this driver

has caused to you & your family may need to come under your own policy under uninsured motorist.

Again everyone’s needs are different. It’s important to review these needs prior to an accident as needs

are constantly changing.


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