Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

A way to start working on a comfortable retirement today.

Saving for retirement can seem like a goal that can wait a few years when you’re busy taking care of life’s day-to-day expenses. But getting started early may help you reach your retirement goals sooner. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) could be an attractive savings choice to help you reach those goals. IRAs offer some tax deferral and can help your retirement savings grow faster than similar taxable investments.

Allstate can help make it easier to take the next step. We can help you set up an automatic deposit that goes straight from your paycheck into an IRA. You’ll get used to not seeing or spending that money. And you can start focusing on your financial future while still providing for your family today.

IRAs At A Glance

  • An IRA is a simple way to save for retirement with certain tax advantages.
  • The money you contribute to an IRA and earnings on that money grow over time.
  • You can choose from three types of IRAs depending on you goals.

Get to know how an IRA works.

  • Savings: Think of an IRA as a basket that holds savings, also known as investments.
  • Investmensts: You can put investments like mutual funds , stocks, bonds, annuities, certificates of deposit (CDs) or other financial products into your IRA basket.
  • Benefits: Traditional and Roth IRAs each offer different tax benefits, so talk to your tax advisor or contact an Allstate Personal Financial Representative to learn more.