Mutual Funds

Grow your savings with mutual funds.

Give your money the chance to earn interest over time.

It seems easier to save for a short-term goal like buying a new TV, than to think about investing to help you pay for the bigger things in life. But if you are looking to buy a new home, get a head start on retirement or have an emergency fund grow over time – mutual funds1 can help you reach your goals. They simplify investing for the average person, who may not have the time or desire to research every stock and bond out there.

Because of the thousands available, trying to choose mutual funds that may be best for you can be pretty intimidating. But it’s not hard to narrow down the field when you understand the basics. You can learn more about how mutual funds work below and when you’re ready, contact an Personal Financial Representative. We’ll help you get started.

Mutual Funds At A Glance

  • You can use mutual funds to save for emergencies, buying a home, college and retirement.
  • Different funds offer diferent levels of risk and reward.
  • Professional money managers invest your money for you.

Get to know how a mutual fund works.

  • What: A mutual fund is a pool of investments- usually a combination of stocks, bonds, and cash instruments.
  • How: They’re managed by professional money managers who often charge a fee. Money managers choose investments based on the objective of the mutual fund. Examples could include growth, income or value investing.
  • Objectives: Mutual funds are managed based on specific investment objectives. Based on this, you should research mutual funds that fit your investment risk tolerance and time horizon. As an example, if retirement is right around the corner, you may want to select funds that have less risk exposure, such as bond or money market funds.
  • Risk: Some mutual funds are low-risk, meaning they can potentially earn less while others are high-risk and can potentially earn more. One way to spread out your risk is to diversify the types of mutual funds you own. Although diversification does not ensure a profit or protect you from loss, you can decide how much risk you are comfortable with to help determine the right mutual funds for you.
  • Time: Do you have specific goals with different time horizons? Mutual funds offer a variety of options to meet your short and long-term savings goals.