Term Life Insurance Policies, Rates & Quotes.

You can afford to help take care of your family, even if you can’t be there.

You provide for your family every day helping take care of everything from scraped knees to groceries, college savings to mortgage payments. They know you’re always there for them. Term life insurance helps keep that promise, even if you pass away. It’s tough to think about, but just a small monthly payment, called a premium, can help provide a level of financial protection and security to your family.


Get to know how term life insurance works.

  • Cost: Purchase a policy for an affordable cost (premium) based on your personal health history and age. This premium will not change during the guaranteed premium period of the policy.
  • Term: The length of time your policy will last, as long as premiums are paid on time and you are still living. Term lengths range anywhere from 10 to 30 years. You choose a length of time and your payments stay the same until the end of your term.
  • Coverage: The amount of death benefit (payment) your beneficiary will receive if you pass away while your policy is inforce.
  • Use: Your beneficiary could count on the life insurance money to help with housing expenses, provide child care if needed, and take care of life’s planned and unplanned expenses.
  • Options: You may be able to renew or purchase a new policy at the end of your term. You can add riders, allowing you to customize your life insurance policy according to your needs. You may also be able to convert to a permanent policy as specified within your term policy pages, without needing a medical checkup.

Our Insurance company offer two types of term life insurance.



  • You choose the payout benefit amount : $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000.
  • Time frame for coverage: 15 years.
  • No medical exam required: Just answer a few questions. Policy issuance is dependent on the answers to health questions in a customer’s application.
  • Build in up to five layers of protection to cover a variety of shorter term financial needs such as college, housing expenses, or income replacement.
  • Select an individualized coverage amount and time period for each layer of protection, within a range of 10 to 20-years (or age 70 if earlier).
  • Qualify for lowest possible rate for each layer of protection by bundling all customized coverage layers on the base policy.